Work and enterprising

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In Gnosjö enterprising is somewhat of a lifestyle. The cleverness and the spirit of enterprise that for centuries have imbued our Municipality are still an important driving force in our daily work.

High-tech enterprices

In the old days there was an enterprise in practically every outhouse which engaged the whole family. Today it is quite another situation with modern high-tech enterprises with daily international contacts and with the world as a market.

Low unemployment rates

Gnosjö has a long tradition of extremely low unemployment rates and is one of the most densely industrialised municipalities of Sweden with 250 manufacturing enterprises. The Municipality has a daily rate of incoming commuters of about 1000 persons in order to satisfy the demands of the industry for manpower.

New branches

As many as 63% of all the jobs are found in the manufacturing industry where people from different cultures work successfully side by side. But other branches of business emerge gradually - especially services close to industries such as machine service, book-keeping and cleaning of facilities.

Gnosjöandan - The Spirit of Gnosjö

The characteristic ingredient of Gnosjöandan, the Spirit of Gnosjö - the unique tradition of co-operation - is still essential. The industrial way of thinking marks the whole society - including the municipal administration. The result is a very good business climate with a smooth handling, a minimum of bureaucracy and a multitude of possibilities. Anyone with good ideas has all the possibilities to succeed in Gnosjö. In our Municipality it is as natural to run a company as to be an employee.

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Senast uppdaterad: 2019-01-29

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