Culture and leisure

In our corner of the world it is also very close to exciting leisure activities and interesting cultural experiences. Within the borders of the municipality you find Store Mosse National Park and High Chaparral, the western amusement park. Just outside the border of the municipality you find Isaberg, the biggest ski resort in Southern Sweden.

Beautiful nature

Wherever you are, the beautiful nature of Småland is always close with forests full of berries and mushrooms, idyllic bathing lakes and excellent waters for canoeing and fishing. Here you also find hiking trails, cycle ways and well-kept 18-hole golf courses as well as a sports and swimming hall with a 25-meter pool. There is also a pool for the children with a bubble pool.

Club- and cultural activities

The club activities are lively with over 80 active associations. The cultural activities are relatively rich with current movies and regular concerts and theatrical performances. The library arranges exciting exhibitions, lectures and other activities. Our industrial museums are a piece of our living cultural history and show how Gnosjöandan, the Spirit of Gnosjö, once developed.

Gnosjö for young people

Hammargården, the Activity House, is a meeting place for young people who want to take part in musical bands, surf the Net, play games, listen to music or just be together.

250 activities within 30 minutes

If you long for more you can reach further 250 activities within 30 minutes by car from Gnosjö - including concert houses, museums, exhibitions, a trotting track, discos, riding-schools, ice-skating rinks, recreation centres and about 60 restaurants.

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